Stay on top of what is happening in the Oklahoma Legislature regarding your Second Amendment Rights. This report covers March to September 2022.

Signed into Legislature

HB 3070 This bill cleans up language regarding the transporting of a firearm. The measure deletes language relating to the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act due to the enactment of constitutional carry in Oklahoma. HB 3070 passed House 97-0 and the Senate 41-2. It was signed by Governor Stitt on April 25th.

SB 186 Creates a partial restoration of rights path for nonviolent felons. The measure would allow for individuals with certain nonviolent felony convictions to recover their Second Amendment rights after a set amount of time and process. SB 186 passed the Senate 44-1 and the House 84-0. It was signed by Governor Stitt on May 20th.

Not Signed into Legislature

HB 3074 Amends the statute relating to the transportation of firearms. The measure clarifies that dishcharging a firearm from a vessel (boat) is lawful if done for self-defense. HB 3074 passed the House 76-12 and has been referred to the Senate Public Safety Committee. No action was taken in committee.

HB 3144 Provides that a governmental entity may no enter into a contract with a company for the purchase of goods or services unless the contract contains a written verification from the company that it does not have a practice, policy, guidance, or directtive during the term of the contract against a firearm entity or firearm trade association. HB 3144 passed House 72-1 and the SEnate 37-8. The House passed the Conference Committee Report 73-18 but Senate Majority Floor Leader Greg McCourtney refused to bring it up for a vote before the session ended.

HB 3157  Removes the power of municipalities to regulate the carrying of firearms or other deadly weapons. Also, the measure bars any proclamation by the Governor during a state of emergency from containing and prohibition on the manufacture, posession, or use of explosives or combustibles that are components used for the manufacture of firearm ammunition or from prohibiting or restricting the business or operations of firearms or ammunition manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, supplier, retailer, or a gun range. HB 3157 passed the House 79-17 and was referred to the Senate Public Safety Committee but no action was taken.  

HB 4138  This bill allows the carrying of a firearm on public property at events held on the fairgrounds and in buildings of the fairgrounds that are open to the public during the Oklahoma State Fair or the Tulsa State Fair. HB 4138 passed out of committee but no further action was taken.

SB 1341 Prohibits any public officer or employees of said officer from using public monies to advocate or promote gun control policies. They may not distribute and kit, pamphlet, booklet, publication, electronic communication, radio, television, or video presentation to advocate for gun control nor may they pay the salary or expenses of any grant or contract recipient or agent promoting gun control. Additionally, such persons may not use the public monies to advocate for any tax increase relating to gun control policy as well as any proposed, pending, or future requirement or restriction on any legal consumer product including the sale and marketing of the legal consumer product relating to the advocacy or promotion of gun control policy. SB 1341 passed out of committee but was never brought to a vote of the full Senate.

SB 1419 Allows any official employee, or person appointed by the governing body of a house of worship who serves as an uncompensated security volunteer, as well as any person, consulting or training these volunteers, to do so without having to obtain a license under the Oklahoma Security Guard and Private Investigators Act. SB 1419 passed out of committee but was never brought to a vote of the full Senate.

HB 1662 Clarifies the immunity provision for persons asserting claims of self-defense. The measure provides that at the initial arraignment in a case involving the unlawful use of defensive force, the defendant may file a motion to dismiss the charges based on a claim that the defendant is not subject to criminal prosecution. If the court denies the motion to dismiss, the defendant shall have the right to file an interlocutory appeal on the ruling made by the court to the district court judge or associate district court judge having jurisdiction over hte case. Once a prima facie claim of justified self-defense has been raised by the defendant, the State of Oklahoma shall be required to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defensive force used was not justified and was thereby unlawful. HB 1662 passed House 77-19, do pass out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, but was never brouth to a vote of the full Senate.

SB 730 Prohitbits any person or entity from establishing a policy barring any person or employee, except a convicted felon, from transporting, carrying, or storing firearms or ammunition in a locked motor vehicle on any property set aside for any motor vehicle or a motor vehicle owned, leased or rented by the person or employee to conduct business for the business entity. SB 730 passed Senate 36-8, do pass outof the Judiciary Committee, but was never brought to a vote of the full Senate.

SB 925  A bill extending the use of Castle Doctrine for self-defense to include the entirety of the “occupied premises,” meaning that Castle Doctrine would extend outside of the abode and to the edges of the property. SB 925 passed the Senate 36-8, House 77-13, but the bill died in conference.