2024 ORA Youth Day!

Join us at the Oklahoma City Gun Club for the ORA’s 2024 Youth Day!  We’ll have ranges set up for young people to get outside and learn more about shotgun, .22 rifle, and airgun!  As with any program, gun safety basics and briefings are covered! Eye and hearing protection will be provided!

Youth participants are welcome and need a parent or guardian to attend. A hot dog lunch is also included as you will work up an appetite! Sign up today, space is limited!

Address: Oklahoma City Gun Club, 12465 NE 234th St, Arcadia, OK 73007

  • Ages: 10-17

  • When: June 15

  • Where: The Oklahoma City Gun Club

  • Time: 8:30AM to 1:30PM

  • Cost: $10 per Participant

Youth Registration

ORA Youth Day May 2024


Youth Programs

One of the most exciting aspects of the shooting sports is when youth get involved. This is an activity that builds skill, coordination, and providing youth with community and connection away from screens and in the outdoors. Whether it is for enjoyment, learning a skill in various youth programs, or the opportunities that can come from scholarships on collegiate shooting teams, it is undeniable the value that the shooting sports provide.

Meet our Directors of Youth Programs

Donovan is a firearms enthusiast and holds a NRA certification as a Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun instructor. He is also certified with the NRA as a Range Safety Officer. He is CLEET certified to teach the Oklahoma SDA concealed carry course for individuals seeking carry permits. He has supported and encouraged shooting sports at his church statewide men’s conferences, having developed and led the program. He has also been an instructor at Royal Ranger shooting sports camps and worked as the RSO for the shotgun and black powder ranges.

Tanja worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. Her most recent venture is with a company that provides highly specialized solutions to commercial and government clients. She is a published author and enjoys shooting photos while Donovan shoots firearms. Some of her written and photographic work can be seen on her website www.WarrioroftheWord.faith.

Together Donovan and Tanja have led various teams, worked as youth pastors, taught classes, and enjoy partnering to promote shooting sports and support for the Second Amendment.