The ORA Supports HB3427

The Oklahoma Rifle Association is pleased to report that HB3427 has passed the appropriations and budget committee and will be heard on the House floor soon. We want to thank Representative Nick Archer for his work on this bill.

HB3427 which encourages and incentives individuals to store their firearms in a secure manner to prevent access to children and unauthorized persons and to deter theft. This is a common sense measure that helps keep our communities safe. The Oklahoma Rifle Association strongly supports HB3427.

Update on HB4120

Representative David Hardin proposed an amendment to HB4120. These changes strengthen and streamline the authority of retired peace officers to carry a firearm.

HB4120 came out of appropriations and budget committees last night. It will be heard on the floor in the next two weeks.

The ORA attended Outdoor Sportsman’s Day at the Capitol

We greeted and spoke to legislators yesterday at the Capitol for Outdoor Sportsman’s Day. The ORA was joined with other organizations like Ducks Unlimited, the Oklahoma Sportsmen’s Caucus, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation, and Quail Forever.