NRA Victory Won Today with a Unanimous Decision by the US Supreme Court!

Today a major victory was won in the landmark case that went to the Supreme Court for the NRA’s First Amendment Rights. This was in response to an overreach by New York state’s authority to punish the NRA based on political preferences. Not only is this a victory for the NRA, but it is a victory for other advocacy groups in establishing legal precedent to protect them from economic coercion based on the political bias of elected officials. 

“In a stinging rebuke of New York’s ‘blacklisting campaign’ against the NRA, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled for the NRA in its case against former New York State Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo. The decision remands the NRA’s case to the lower court – reviving the NRA’s claims that Vullo, at the behest of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, violated the NRA’s First Amendment rights when she urged banks and insurers to cut ties with the NRA in 2018.” -NRA ILA

This is another reminder that our government checks and balances are still in place and doing their necessary work against those who seek to shortcut democracy. The future continues to look bright for the NRA, however this only means that another battle was won in the war that we fight daily to protect our precious foundational freedoms.