April 2023 was significant in the history of your ORA. Governor Stitt proclaimed April 3 as NRA and ORA day, the first state to set aside a day in recognition of the NRA and State affiliate, showing that Oklahoma once again is leading the way in supporting and preserving our second amendment.

Also on that day past ORA president, WWII Marine veteran, NRA instructor, and highly decorated marksman, James White, was honored as veteran of the week by our Oklahoma state legislature. You can read more about this remarkable person in this issue.

Finally, the ORA board of directors hosted a NRA / ORA event for our elected officials with range time and a reception. This allowed us to speak about our future vision and how elected leaders can support our thriving firearm community and continue to protect our precious second amendment.

Needless to say, it has been a whirlwind since I reported to the membership in the Winter Sharpshooter- and all great things. But a great start requires a greater follow through.

Membership is growing and the core team that has worked tirelessly is needing your help! Please look at our call for volunteers and sign up. This is an exciting time to continue building the ORA into Oklahoma’s recognized champion for firearms.

We’ve got much work to do!