I am pleased to address my fellow ORA members in this, the inaugural re-issue of our legacy magazine, the Sharpshooter.

First, thank you for being an active member of the ORA!

The Oklahoma Rifle Association had for many years been instrumental in supporting the interests of the shooting and firearms community within our state and I’m proud and eager to be part of a new era in your State Association.

In Oklahoma, we have long enjoyed safe harbor regarding our gun rights, but this will not always be the case. To continue to protect the freedoms our state enjoys, the work needs to be done now to build up the state’s firearm clubs and communities, working with the NRA to provide legislative action and support for you, Oklahoma’s gun owners.

We all need to act! Spread the word about the ORA, vounteer, vote, and engage in your local clubs. For those of you who have done the work for the ORA in the past, thank you and keep up your engagement!

This comes from my perspective of serving and having served at the club level for nearly 30 years and on the national front as NRA director, now in my second term. It all begins with a grassroot effort to effect change, starting with the local club and building a strong network throughout the state – which is the ORA.

Together, let’s again build our presence here in Oklahoma!