It was only a year ago when I stepped into the community center where the board meeting that would determine the fate of the ORA would take place. You see, the effort, leadership, and sacrifice required to keep an organization that champions the Second Amendment and supports our firearm community at a state level is no small task, and the previous leadership needed to pass on the torch. In fact sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I’d had a flat tire that morning and did not step in the door to that meeting — I certainly would’ve had more free time on my hands!

That day the ORA continued to exist because of volunteers who knew the importance of our state associations. I never imagined the support, enthusiasm, and progress we would make from that time. The first ever NRA / ORA day was proclaimed by our Governor, we hosted our legislators, we honored our past leadership at the Capitol, we updated and digitized membership, we grew our membership, and we revived our outreach through social media, email, and the Sharpshooter.

Wow, I’m exhausted thinking about it! This has been a phenomenal first year in the re-boot of the ORA. However, the work has only begun. I believe this can and will grow to be an even greater organization with more positive impact for our state; because the work to preserve our precious Second Amendment begins before our rights are at peril, and that work is NOW! The ORA is doing that by connecting with our lawmakers and building a firearm community that unquestionably makes our state a better place.

You’ll see in this issue exactly how we are doing this through school and career opportunities for Oklahomans and some of the rising stars, like Elisa Boozer, who are showing how wonderful it is to represent Oklahoma through excellence in skill and character in the shooting sports.

With that, volunteer with the ORA, help us champion the second amendment, and support the shooting sports in the state that we all have the honor of calling home.