We are in the thick of Oklahoma’s legislative session and couldn’t be more happy with the work the ORA and our legislators have accomplished in considering gun safety and security while being mindful of our civil liberties.

But there are a few things I think we forget about our legislators and public officials.

First, they are us- mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons, and daughters- they want the same things, to ensure Oklahoma is and continues to be the best place it can be for us all.

Second, they are Oklahomans. They come from our communities, large and small, they live here, they understand what we face as a state, and most importantly they love the place they call home.

Third, we need to remember what our legislators and public officials do to serve the people in their districts. This takes significant time and there is not considerable pay for their roles, and we need committed elected officials more than ever!

So that leads me to this: the ORA believes that good things will be accomplished when our organization remembers who our elected officials are and give them due respect for their dedication and service to their constituency! These are not empty words! This is the action that we have been taking as an organization and part of the strong values, and not strong opinions, on which we stand.

Each year we host a reception to connect, celebrate, and honor the work of these individuals. We keep our doors open to conversations with any of our legislators, to answer questions and advocate for Oklahoma gun owners and our foundational freedoms! When our door is open and our legislators want to talk, we listen, we consider what they are saying, and we help them understand our mission and how that has a positive impact for Oklahomans.

Right now we are in a time where there is leadership in our state and nation that do not hold to a similar standard. Their values are division, coercion, name calling, manipulation- and it is not working! So more than ever it is important for us to embrace a higher standard and do the hard work of building relationships. Because when we do the right thing, people notice, and people are drawn to what we have to say. THIS absolutely is the secret to making an impact and having our voice heard!

Join me in setting the standard high, to champion the mission of the ORA, when the people around us are settling for the low bar.