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May 23, 2024


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The Oklahoma Rifle Association


The Oklahoma Rifle Association is thrilled to announce the news from the National Rifle Association of their new slate of leadership. This includes Oklahoma Rifle Association President Mark Vaughan who was elected as Second Vice President at the NRA Board Meeting on Monday. 


“I am honored for the trust my fellow board members have placed in me to serve as the Second Vice President of the National Rifle Association. In the days ahead, I look forward to the energized direction of our beloved organization. This will be our opportunity to show our membership that we are the good stewards of the NRA’s mission and will continue to build it into the vibrant organization that people turn to for training, community, and advocacy for our precious foundational freedoms.”


Each year the NRA Directors meet after the Annual Meetings for their regularly scheduled business including the election of executive officers and other positions that will serve in the coming year. The vote was cast on Monday for Congressman Bob Barr to serve as NRA President, Pennsylvania businessman Bill Bachenberg to serve as First Vice President, businessman and ORA President Mark Vaughan to serve as Second Vice President, and Doug Hamlin of NRA Publications to become Executive Vice President.


The Oklahoma Rifle Association is the NRA State affiliate and has been serving Oklahoma’s firearm community for nearly 100 years. It is a special honor to have our president represent our great state in a national capacity.


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I’m Suzie Brewster and I couldn’t be more proud of the future leadership of the NRA. I’ve been a part of the NRA for many many years as the co-founder of the Women’s Leadership Forum, bringing women back to play a more important role in the NRA. We have some very capable leaders on the board, but I’m most excited about the election of Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma business man with great character and leadership skills. I believe the NRA will prosper and go forward now.  We need to pull together people who are like-minded and Mark is one of those who will carry the banner for the NRA and the protection of our Second Amendment Rights.


Mark knows leadership and knows adversity in business, and knows crisis can be met head on with the right leadership to go forward and be very prosperous. America needs the NRA, we need the NRA as people who own and carry firearms and believe in the Second Amendment very strongly. In particular, we have some very strong women on the board.  Janet Nyce is one of those special leaders who carries the banner and has worked for many years just like I have with youth and women, to bring NRA to the forefront. We are misunderstood by a lot of people, but we really are the real freedoms that America was founded upon.  With people with leadership skills like Mark Vaughan, we’ll only move forward.


The NRA has been a great organization and it can be a much stronger organization.  Everybody stumbles and falls occasionally, and that’s what’s happened with the NRA, but we can pick ourselves up with true leaders, and go forward. We have a good basis to build upon and I think we can only look for positive things in the future with the leadership we have in place.  I’m very very proud of what’s happening with the NRA!

Suzie Brewster

SCI Diana Award, DSC Outstanding Hunter Achievement Award, NRA Lifetime Achievement Award, Co-Founder NRA Women’s Leadership Forum, Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award, NRA Women’s Policy Committee, Distinguished Alumni SWOSU

Mark and I have worked together on conservation issues, and I’ve found him to be a knowledgeable and forthright advocate. I’m excited to have someone of his caliber and proud that a fellow Oklahoman will be helping to lead the way at the NRA as they seek to build a more reinvigorated and more responsive organization.

State Representative Kevin Wallace

National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucus Executive Council Member

The National Rifle Association has stood in the way of anti-gun politicians and activists judges in defense of the Second Amendment for decades. They have transformed the landscape of gun rights in this country with landmark cases at the Supreme Court and by relentless advocacy in Congress and in the states. The Second Amendment would not exist as we know it without the NRA.  The new NRA leadership team is committed to returning this organization to its once great status and with great leaders like Oklahoma’s own Mark Vaughan as Second Vice President, I am confident in the future of the NRA and the Second Amendment.

Representative Chris Kannady

Mark Vaughan is a man of exceptional character who brings valuable experience and perspective to the NRA leadership team. We’re incredibly honored to call Mark a friend and so proud to have him representing NRA members from across the country as Second Vice President of the NRA!

Kansas Rifle Association